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    Welcome to our website

    At New Aquarium Home, we provide a one-in-all-solution for all of your aquarium related needs at highly affordable prices. We are a prominent manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier and service provider in this field. We also construct aquariums according to the specifications of our clients, helping them with installations in their home, office, hotel etc.

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    What we do?

    The product portfolio of our company includes Fish Aquariums, Aquarium Filters, Aquarium Lights,Aquarium Heaters, Aquarium Water Pumps, Fish Food, Fish Medicines, etc. Our aquariums are made using thick glass and special silicone meant to hold water. We hope it shows through in the quality of our glass and in our customer service.

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    Fish Pet Care Tips

    New Aquarium Home helps to you set your Aquarium Glass step-by-step. This is fastest growing hobby in the world, Fish keeping. Here we are discuss some steps to you that help you to avoid many mistakes about placing Aquarium Glass. ✔ Consider what kind of fish you want to keep : Different kinds of fish […]