1/2 Inch Id By 5/8 Inch Od Black Tubing 1 Foot

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Product Description

1/2 inch ID by 5/8 inch OD BLACK tubing sold in 1 foot increments.

This exceptional line of black tubing is recommended for use in aquariums and water gardening as it is practically invisible outside underwater. Sunlight will not penetrate it so algae growth is inhibited inside. Constructed of flexible plasticized polyvinyl chloride PVC.

Our hose is lighter than comparable rubber hoses and is manufactured using only virgin PVC providing a clean, non marking hose. Also, the hoses low temperature is compounded for maximum flexibility even at temperatures as low as minus 30 F. Our hose offers a cost saving over rubber hoses and can replace rubber hoses in most applications except high heat and pressure.

The close tolerance inside diameter of bore makes coupling easier than competitive brands.

Our hose is flame resistant. Although it will burn initially the hose is self extinguishing after a very short period of time.

Smooth bore will not trap contaminants and provides higher flow rates than comparable hoses.

Shipment Dimensions:

  •     Weight: 0.05 lb
  •     Height: 12 in
  •     Width: 1 in
  •     Depth: 1 in

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Product # TB-PE510-10-B


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