Extra Large Malaysian Aquarium Driftwood

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Product Description

Product Description:

Extra Large Malaysian Driftwood.

These are very large pieces that weight apporximately 30 to 45 lbs.

Large Malaysian Driftwood

Ideal decoration for planted freshwater aquariums and tropical fish tanks. Real Malaysian driftwood is naturally safe and will dramatically upgrade your aquascape. Also this Malaysian driftwood is perfect for adding a sense of realism to freshwater aquariums, giving fish shelter, or to compliment aquatic plants and provide another rooting surface for plants. This beautiful red Malaysian driftwood, is a very heavy and dense wood that sinks in water and does not require a slate bottom to remain submerged.

Large chunks of real wood from Malaysia and thus since mother nature made them they are highly varied in both size and shape. Each piece is very unique in shape and texture and is a preferred driftwood for show fish tanks and garden aquariums.

One of the benefits of this wood is that it sinks once all the water has been absorbed. Please soak Malaysian Driftwood for 1 to 2 weeks before placing into your fish tank. This will reduce the amount of water discoloration that occurs from the leaching of harmless tannic acids in the wood and small amounts of soil hidden away in remote crevices.

Note that each piece is unique and may be a different shape than the photo above.

Authentic Malaysian Wood
Ideal for Planted Freshwater Aquariums
Each Piece is Very Unique
Large size 24 to 44 inches in length and 10 to 24 inches wide

Shipment Dimensions:

Weight: 30 lb
Height: 24 in
Width: 23.9 in
Depth: 23.9 in

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